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Power in the Hope: The Final Victory

From a December 2003 Teaching The Three Things to learn from this teaching are: 1) What is the Revealed Mystery of God? 1) The revealed mystery benefits us today. 2) The revealed mystery will benefit us in the future. What is the Mystery? Ephesians 3:1-6 – For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus

The power of His good pleasure

From a November 2003 teaching We are God’s children. We will see the immensity of His love for us in the book of Isaiah, by way of some beautiful figures of speech. A figure of speech is any expressive use of language in the Bible. Figures of Speech used in the Bible: Their intent is

The Five Gift Ministries in the Church

September 2003 The Five Gift Ministries in the Church The five gift ministries are listed in Ephesians 4 verse 11.  In this teaching we will see: -what these gift ministries are -their purpose -then some of the benefits and impact that these gift ministries have in the household, and to those searching for the truth.

The Power of Prayer – Job

From a June 2006 Teaching Let’s begin by defining what the words “Power” and “Prayer” mean: (Random House College Dictionary) Power– 1) Ability to do or act; capability of doing something. 2) Great or marked ability to do or act; strength, might, force. 3) Delegated authority 4) To supply with energy. Prayer– A Spiritual Communion

Caves in the Bible Lands

From  a February 2004 Teaching This teaching is about the usage of caves in biblical times. There are great records of people using caves for various reasons. Caves used as a refuge or dwelling place: David found refuge and assembled an army: I Samuel 22:1-2 David therefore departed thence, and escaped to the cave Adullam:

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