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  • God Protects. Time Heals. Laughter is Medicine.

    God Protects. Time Heals. Laughter is Medicine.

    Today after dinner I had to run to the lumber store to pick up materials for a project I am working on tomorrow at the house. It was a nice sunny spring afternoon and when I got back home, my beautiful wife and two amazing kids were enjoying the weather out in the front yard. […]

  • Our God Given Rights

    In The United States of America, the Bill of Rights lists certain Fundamental Rights. They are afforded to everyone who is born into, or to those who become a citizen of the USA. Some of these rights include: The right to freedom of religionThe right to freedom of speechThe right to freedom of pressThe right […]

  • God thrives with improvisation

    This article discusses how God provides opportunities for us when we move forward. If you are like me you tend to overthink, overplan, and overanalyze before doing something. Planning is good, but sometimes a little improvisation is alright too. In the gospels, Jesus Christ gave “The Great Commission” to his disciples shortly after his resurrection. […]

  • Supporting Each Other

    In this teaching we will see where we stand as children of God, and who we are as brothers and sisters in Christ. We will see how each of us are important to God, and to each other. And we will find out where to seek counsel when making major decisions in our lives Let’s begin in […]

  • More than a Conqueror

    Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. (Romans 8:37) It is interesting to note that the word “conquerors” is only used in this one verse and nowhere else in The Bible. This should tell us that it is an important word, and to take note. Romans 8 […]

  • Leading the way God leads us

    Believe it or not we are constantly influenced by our environment. Most of us tend to feel that we are “independent thinkers” and immune to persuasion from the world but you might be surprised how much you really absorb from the constant noise that broacasts at us from all directions. We can be especially influenced […]

  • Sufficient With Our Needs Supplied

    Webster’s Dictionary defines Sufficient as:  “measuring up to all requirements without question.” In order for God to be our sufficiency, we have to first become his Children (Romans 10:9) “Once we have confessed Jesus as lord and believed in our heart that God has raised him from the dead, we are saved, born again. Then […]

  • How Does the Soul Prosper?

    III John 2 – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. So how does the soul prosper? To answer that question we need to understand the biblical difference between the 3 aspects of humankind: Body – Soul – Spirit Isaiah 43:7 … for […]

  • Leadership from God’s perspective

    There are three keys to leadership from a biblical perspective: Longsuffering Gentleness Temperance These keys also happen to be listed in Galatians 5 as three of the nine “fruit of the spirit” Fruit of the spirit is “The nine visible attributes of a true Christian life” These are the outward manifestations of a solid inner […]

  • Edifying one Another

    I was inspired to do this teaching because of the value of edification and encouragement toward one another. It’s true that “what you say is what you get” and that there is power in the words that we choose to speak, whether negative or positive. You’ve likely heard this quote: Watch your thoughts; for they […]