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Forget the Naysayers

This record in Mark Chapter 6 is full of great principles that we can learn.  Jesus Christ set the ultimate example for us as he lived his life and taught the Word of God despite opposition. He trusted God fully to meet his needs …and the needs of his disciples. Before we start in verse

The Fellowship in the Home

God has given us the ministry of reconciliation.  It is our privilege and responsibility to be witnesses for God and to live his Word – Not just on Sundays, but every day. This teaching is a practical topic, not as much on “how” to move the Word, but “where” to move the Word. [This sermon

Fellowship is the Secret

This topic is so important to our walk with God.  Having Fellowship with God and with one another is not only a blessing, it’s necessary in order for us to be our best. “The principal key to a successful Christian life is fellowship with the heavenly father.  Christians manifest the more abundant life in direct


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Rob Miller

I learned the Bible at a young age and began teaching small groups regularly in my teens and continue to do so. This page is a place where I can share sermons, bible teachings, thoughts, and biblical commentary for the purpose that the content may bless whomever may read it.

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