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Prosperity and Tithing in the Bible

God is so great that he only wants the very best for us.  He wants to see prosperity and blessings fill our lives. It’s not fun when we experience lack in a category of life, and it’s never God’s will for that to happen.  God is all about meeting our needs above and beyond what we can

Witnessing in Christ’s time and today

We will look at what Jesus Christ did to win people to God, and what we can do today to witness in our culture. Jesus Christ was a servant. He was not influenced by the worldly appearance of people. He loved unconditionally and looked past character flaws to find those who would believe. Let’s take

This is my Beloved Son

In the Bible, the phrase “this is my beloved son” is used multiple times.  In each instance, it is God showing approval for the lifestyle and decisions of his son, Jesus Christ.  The Word of God records that Christ gave his life for the remission of sins and eternal life for all who believe. (John


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